About Colorado Commercial Epoxy

We are the first choice for business owners when it comes to Colorado commercial epoxy floors. We have installed hundreds of floors and warranty our commercial work with a 4-year warranty. You won’t have to worry about being off your floor for weeks because with our streamlined process we’ll get you back to work in 24 hours or less! Its low odor (Low VOC) properties make this is the perfect application if you have neighboring businesses that you don’t want to offend. We offer an extremely high-solids floor coating that is self-leveling and tenaciously bonds to the primer. It’s extremely durable and beautiful.

We’ve installed floors for car dealerships, restaurants, chemical labs, airplane hangars, hospitals, manufacturing warehouses, emergency rooms, retail spaces, bathrooms, storage warehouses, laundromats, liquor stores, locker rooms, legal marijuana grow-warehouses, office buildings and so many more.

Our streamlined process allows business owners to get back to work ASAP! It will help reduce the downtime of your facility and will be a worry-free flooring system that will last a long time. The excellent chemical and abrasion resistance makes this flooring application ideal for: USDA inspected facilities, medical facilities, laboratories, restaurants, warehouses, office buildings, showrooms, retail establishments, cafeterias, educational institutions, and others too!

We have different texture options for businesses that require more of the “anti-slip” properties and we can apply our products outdoors on patios and other outdoor surfaces as well.

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